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Public speaking anxiety, (fun-fact: also known as glossophobia,) is one of the most commonly reported social fears.

The Daniel Society was founded by Christy, Sara and Beatrix in 2022.  We are three homeschool moms who care deeply about the world our kids are called to shape and influence.  

Not unlike ancient times, God raised up Daniel, a teenager fine in speech and wisdom to influence King Nebuchadnezzar.  Like him we wanted our students to be challenged and equipped with boldness, confidence, grace and courage as they communicate to our lost and broken world.  

We could all agree: setting foot into an NCFCA speech tournament was hands down one of the most inspiring moments.  Watching our children stand up straighter as they entered an auditorium of their peers, poised as if they should be running for governor was priceless.  Long story short, we decided we wanted this not just for our students, but for a generation.

Image by Miguel Henriques


The Club is open to all students age 12-18.  We welcome students to attend our Friday morning club meetings.

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